Pepsi Max 6 x 1,5l

9 L / Pepsi


1,00 € / L

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Enjoy the classic Pepsi taste to the maximum, wherever the day takes you. With Pepsi Max, sublime taste and refreshment are always within reach. Make every moment special and immerse yourself in a world where maximum taste meets ultimate refreshment - without sugar.
Each bottle is designed to keep the drink crisp and tasty, ensuring that every sip is as refreshing as the first. Pepsi Max 6 x 1.5l is perfect for sharing with friends and family or just to make sure you always have your favorite drink at hand.
Pepsi Max is known and loved for its unique taste that combines the rich, rich cola aroma with a crisp, clean finish. With zero sugar and full flavor, Pepsi Max is an excellent choice for those looking for a refreshing, carbonated drink without the added sweetness.
Serving temperature: Best enjoyed chilled for a crisp, refreshing experience
Suitable for: All occasions – party, relaxing at home or refreshment on the go
Type: Carbonated soda
Taste: Intense and refreshing, with a deep cola aroma and a hint of citrus
Colour: Dark, characteristically carbonated
Packaging: 6 reusable plastic bottles, each 1.5 litres
Sugar content: No added sugar
Product details:
Enjoy the refreshment of Pepsi Max, now available in a convenient pack of 6 bottles, each with a capacity of 1.5 liters. Pepsi Max gives you the incomparable and beloved taste of Pepsi, but without the sugar. It is the ultimate refreshing drink, perfect for all occasions.

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